Dinga City Flood Photos

We already published few photos of Dinga Flood and Visit of Mian Amjad. Now below are more pictures of Dinga City during rainy season and heavy floods. Take a look below.

Heavy Rains and Flood Water in Dinga

ڈنگہ میں شدید بارش اور سیلاب سے گلیاں پانی سے بھر گئیں

ستمبر 5، 2014 ڈنگہ میں گزشتہ تین چار دنوں سے شدید بارشوں کا سلسلہ جاری ہے، نہ صرف ڈنگہ بلکہ پورے پنجاب میں شدید بارش نے گلیوں اور سڑکوں کو سیلابی پانی سے بھر دیا ہے، زرعی زمینیں زیر آب آ گئی ہیں اور زندگی مفلوج ہو کر رہ گئی ہے۔ تمام عوام اللہ تعالی سے دعا کر رہے ہیں کہ اللہ تعالی رحم اور مہربانی کرے اور شدید بارشوں کو روک دے، نیچے ڈنگہ کی چند تصاویر دی گئی ہیں

Rain in Dinga City September 2012

It was nice heavy rain in Dinga City on 3rd and 4th September 2012. Famous Journalist of Dinga Mr. Saleem Abid has taken some picture of different parts of the city, mostly roads. Take a look at these pictures of Dinga after rain. It was like a flood in Dinga.

MNA and Federal minister Qamar zman kaira k halqy ka haal

Wisdom Degree College for Women Channan – Gujrat Pakistan

Wisdom Group is a group of education institutes located in Village Channan near Dinga City on Kharian Mandi Road. It has 4 main sections. It spread light of education in Tehsil Kharian since 1990.



  1. Wisdom House Boys High School
    It includes formal education classes from 6th to 10th,in addition there is a Hifz department where they teach Islamic Education. Primary classes from class 2 to 5 is co-educational where female staff teaches the students.
  2. Wisdom House Girls High School
    It is a Girls School which offers Classes from nursery to 10th
  3. Wisdom Degree College for Women
    It is a girls degree college where only female lecturers offer lessons on degree classes subjects. It starts from Intermediate Classes, F.A, F.Sc, I.Com, ICS,  B.A, B.Sc
  4. Wisdom Admin Block
    This section consist of, administrative offices, Information Section and Accounts Department.




In Pictures – Snowfall in Dinga

Yesterday on 6th January it was first rain of 2012 in Dinga. It was very heavy rain with snowfall. You can see that in pictures.