Mian Tariq Mehmood

Mian Tariq Mehmood

Mian Tariq Mehmood

Mian Tariq Mehmood is the member of provincial assembly of Punjab.  He won the Election against Chaudery Jaafer Iqbal in PP-113 (Gujrat-VI)
Mian Tariq Mehmood has academic qualifications of BA, he has party affiliation of Pakistan Muslim League Quied-e-Azam

He was born in Dinga on 5 May 1955. His father’s name is Mian Ghulam Rasul, he has 7 children, His daughter Maria Tariq also won the Provincial Assembly seat in 2002 Elections.


33 thoughts on “Mian Tariq Mehmood

    • Sab se pehle meri taraf se mian saab ko Assalam-o-Alakum. mian saab main sirf itna kehna chana k agar tusi MNA di sit lo te InsaAllha zarore jitto ge aur main january vich Pakistan ahwan ga aur tewanu zarure milan ga aur jitna ho sakya utna full sport karan da…

    • mera taluq dinga se hai mera nam adil hai or main student hoon.jesa ke dinga main bohat se log achai hain use tarha bohat se log borai be hain. jesa ke dinga main bohat he jism faroshi hai koi en ko pochnai wala nahi mere ap se reqwest hai plzzz es ko ruka jai warna hamara sehar badnam ho jai ga

  1. slam my frind mian tariq sahib is not only man in dinga idont say that idont like hime he is nice gay but u must sit with your alder and ask him about dinga parsnalty those how are no more in this world (mian akhtar ali)

  2. mian tarip mehmood is a very briliant hardworking person pp113 have ever seen nd acording to me people of 113 wil never get the person like him ever he is the man of principles he worked alot for the development of pp113 and fought with the cruel persons for the rights of the people he s the 1 who sacrificed even his personal time 4 the sake of people nd tried to provide a proper justice to the people of pp113

  3. people should understand the person who is best 4 them i thing mian tariq is the only person who can best lead this constituency

  4. Mohtram MPA Sahib Aslamoalaikum,I hope with blessing of Allah you will be fine . As we all know we are very luckey to have a honest and hard working leader like you in Dinga.
    We have not forgoten what you have done for Dinga and all the villages around .
    Honest people always get small small problems in our country, but we know how brave and straight you are.
    You are our leader and we pray for you that Allah will be with you and we are with you.
    We will not forget what you have done for our young genaration/ education area, sport, etc
    CH.Mudassar Ahmed Amra Kalan
    CH.Muzaffar Ahmed Amra Kalan
    Gujjar Form Denmark

  5. Salam, there is no doubt in Mian sahibs leadership.He is honest,hard working public server.
    Let us not be backword and let the ellected leadrs serve their country and nation.
    Pakistan zinda bad
    Mian sahib painda bad

  6. Salam to All Viewers
    I am very happy after visiting Dinga city website.
    I am very thankful to Mr Yasir for providing detail about
    Dinga city.
    Salam My Dinga

  7. salam sir mera nam adil manzoor hai or mera taluq dinga se hai mian tariq mamood ek bohat he nice admi hain or ese waja se wo hr bar jeet jatai hain awam un ko vot soch samj ker dete hai or wo her insan kai duk dard ko samj saktai hainmera un se koi lena dena nahi per jo baat sach ho wo he bolne chahai mere seb se requst hai ke mian tariq sab jes ko bolain use ko apna vot dain . jesa ke sab ko pata hai un ne hospatal collage roads ka sara kam uyn ke door main howa baqi ap ke marzi allah hafiz from adil

  8. aslaam. sir ka hal ha umeed ha k theak ho gay
    Sir ap phaly b Dinga k liay work kar rahay ha aur ab b kar rahy ha ap sa ak he Request ha k ap Dinga ma DSL connection activate kar day to ma ap ka behad mamnon ha ga thnx

  9. asalamo alakum,

    mian tariq jasa honest admi dinga walon ko dobara nahi milay ga

    imtiaz gujjer from saudi rabia

  10. SALAM,
    ma M.AMIN (CM HOUSE)ka beta ho papa ap ki bohat taref kartay hain k ap bohat achay man hain ALLAH ap ko khush rakhay

  11. Salam brothers,my name is Mudassar Ahmed i am from Amra Kalan few kilometers from our great city Dinga. We are luckey to have such nice sroundings around . Our good leadrs like Mian Tariq Mahmood has helped more to make this paradise by working hard for the people. He is always buisy for spreding education insetutes,roads,telephone in Dinga and all around Dinga.

  12. slam to all people who is reading coments .ijust want to say mian tariq is nice person who can assemble dinga beeter than any one

  13. Assalam o Alaikum to All Mian Tariq Lovers(MTL)
    All fans of mian tariq mehmood can join me on facebook(tariqmpa113).I want yasir to contact me on my email,

  14. people need to wake up, fake degree, assets worth 8 crore where did the money cum from, love drinkin when he visits manchester uk, really need to question your admiration for him my brothers

  15. i agree brother, a lorry driver with not much land become so wealthy as mpa, we need sum1 who never takes advantage of power, i dont question he does good work but at what price

  16. ch wajahat hussain ne ijaz ranean ko ticket da kar is halka main be VEER ka beej dal dei hai,ab mian tariq ki khair nahin……………………………?

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