Govt. Higher Secondary School Dinga Pictures

This is my school, where I studied for 6 years. When I was there, college and school were at same location, from 6th to 10th I studied in Govt. Higher Secondary School from very nice teachers like Muhammed Akram from Sivya, Mian Arif saheb from Kolian Shah Hussain, Mumtaz saheb from Dinga, Mohammed Aslam saheb from Dinga.

These are very nice people who are always sincere with students and their jobs.
Unfortunately I don’t have their pictures, otherwise I must share them.

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4 thoughts on “Govt. Higher Secondary School Dinga Pictures

  1. Hello my friends, I am very happy to see photo of Govt high school.I studied there in 1945,46 and few months in 47. Dinga was our ancestral home for centuries.My father and his brothers all graduated from high school located in town named Sardar Hakim Singh High school.andGovt school was known as R.B.SUNDERDASS HIGH SCHOOL.MY class room was in the middle of front[7th class].In those days classes from 5th class to 10th class were conducted.I remember my prayer which started as A KHALIK TERE JALVE KA PHELA HAI NOOR ZAMANE MEN,TU BASTA HAI HAR BASTI MEN TU REHTA HAI WIRANE MEN.This was written by our urdu teacher ROSHANLAL.I appriciate your efforts in sendig us news.Please keep it up.Send me your phone so that I can talk to you time to time. Khuda Hafiz. With regards. SUBASH BHATIA

    • Subhash Bhatia Jii, namaskaar aur salaam. My home village is not too far from Dinga, but my Khala is married in a village not far from JoRaa KarnaaNRaa.

      You don’t know how happy you have made me by quoting this nazm. In my school in Sarai Alamgir, we too used to sing this song (Judging from your post, I am quite a bit younger than you!). I have been searching for this complete nazm and its author for decades! Now you have provided me with the answer. Your post is almost 4 years old. I hope you see my reply. My e-mail is

      Best Wishes and thank you once again. God bless you!

      Naseer Qureshi

  2. Dear Subash Bhatia Ji
    My family also came from Dinga and my great grandfather contributed to building a high school in Dinga (I believe this must be the high school. His name was Sardar Gian singh Bhatia. My nana ji is Sardar Avtar Singh bhatia, son of Gian Singh. We have always heard stories about this school. Hope to get in touch with someone.
    Harpreet Kaur Bhatia

  3. Dear ones,

    We are converted muslims from sikh as my father Hari Charan Singh Khurana was converted to Islam in his early age when he was around 10 years at Peshawar. Actually, my grandfather lived at Village Majhi, Tehsil & Distt; Gujrat whos name was Sardar Hakim Singh Khurana S/O Sardar Ganda Singh Khurana. My grandfather was a famous Dry Fruit Merchant. I just wanted to know, if the said Sar Hakim Singh High School at Dinga do have any relation or otherwise with my grandfather? Is there any body to help me to catch the dues and safe the memories?

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