Dinga’s Sibal Family

The Sibal’s are a very well regarded family in India and they all seem to hail from Dinga! I understand that there was (is?) a Sibalaon Wali de Galli in Dinga. There’s a lot of history of Dinga available in http://www.sibal.com. The Sibals have been around in Dinga for 4-500 years. Recommend those interested in Dinga link up with their website.


64 thoughts on “Dinga’s Sibal Family

  1. Kapil Sibal who descends from Sibal’s of Dinga is now Minister in Government of India for Education and is proposing to overhaul India’s education system by first removing the 10th Class ‘board’ exams. Indian education system is well spread but does not deliver good education. Mr. Sibal is also an eminent Senior Counsel or Senior Lawyer in the Supreme Court of India.

    • Hi Viraj sahib
      I am glad to have read about the sibals. In your previous thread, you have mentioned about the Sunday Mahal, of your grand grand-father.
      I need you help to write on the Sundar Mahal for my research and will need your cooperation. My email
      address is

      I will wait for your reply

      Mansoor Behzad


      • Dear Mansoor Sir

        Glad to hear from someone! I will be able to provide old photos of Sunder Das & family, Dinga House & a few documents. Possibly, my father, retired in Dehra Dun can add more.

        Again, good to hear from you and assure you my sincere cooperation.



    • Hey Viraj
      This is Syed Bilal.
      I am a student of architecture design,studying in University of Gujrat. I am doing research on architectural planning of Ram Pyari Mahal,so i need information about useage of spaces and rooms as there are about 40 rooms and 3 basements.I need your help,as you are grand grand son of Rai Bahadur Sundar Das Chopra.I’ll be very grateful to you.Here is my mailing adress.
      I’ll wait for your reply.

  2. Viraj sb
    It is equally good for me to read your reply as I have been checking my email box. I request you to reply to my email address mentioned in my first thread.

    I have visited and filmed almost every part of Sundar Mahal, from summer house part to the winter house section. I have photographed them while the most beautiful thing was the weaving of designs on the rugs which were used as ceiling of the main drawing room. The design of fire-place is simple and elegant while the carvings on the windows and doors are par excellent. Also, on the main entrance passage, “Sundar Das” is carved on the wood of the windows of the drawing room.

    I will wait for the reply and it will be good if you tell me about Sundar Das family. The details about his father, wife/wives, children……. Thanks & Regards Mansoor Behzad

    • Dear Mansoor Sir

      I am collecting photos and material – can you give me some time? Also Ram Pyari is Sundar Das’s second wife. Will ask me Dad, aunt and uncles to contribute what they know. Would you like some photos?


      PS – pls send me some photos too

  3. Viraj sahib
    Thanks for the reply. Yes, i will send you the pictures of the Sundar haveli. Is your email virajchopra@gmail.com correct?

    Should i send the photos on this email?

    If the photos of Sundar Das and his wives, old Sundar Mahal and his children are made available, it will be good.

    Please confirm the email address. I will send the pictures of all the aspects of Sundar haveli.

    Waiting for reply.
    Mansoor Behzad

    • Salam Mansoor sahib ,
      Thanks a lot for sharing your research on Dinga and Sundar das family. I want to know about one Hindu lady, she was alive in Dinga till 2002. Any one knows about her?
      Abdul Aziz Mirza
      Abu dhabi

  4. Mansoor Sir

    Email ID is chopraviraj@gmail.com

    Am collecting the pictures and some write up too. Incidentally Sunder Das’ eldest daughter Savitri is still alive and 96! She lives in Dehra Dun with my uncle, her eldest son.



  5. Viraj sahib

    I hope you would have watched the pictures and which probably might have thrown you to peep into past!

    Mansoor Behzad

  6. Viraj sb,

    I hope all will be well on your side but you seem to be off this link.
    You seem to be preoccupied with some work, I think.
    If the details are ready, or few details, you could have written, then send me please.

    Waiting for your reply

    Mansoor Behzad


  8. Dear Sibal Ji

    My father, tells me that Diwan Chand Sibal was one of Rai Bahadur Sunder Dass’s partners during the
    First World War. His son was general HKS Sibal who has just died and Meena, Bim and Padma are his granddaughters.

    I still have to submit some old photos – the problem is removing them from frames, scanning etc. BUt I must do it otherwise pre-partition DInga will be forgotten.

    Maybe you have some old photos of the ‘gali’?



  9. Dear Viraj

    My name is Arun Sibal and I live in USA and was born in 1948 after partition. My family migrated from Dinga,Pakistan. My fathers name is Krishan Chander Sibal and Grandfathers name is Rai Sahib Dina Nath Sibal. Dina Nath’s youger brothe Shambhu Nath was Mayor of Karachi in 1930’s I think. Few years ago I worked with Sandeep Sobal and Parveen Sibal to develop Sibal family tree. You can see that at the following site

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Hello Arun,

      My name is Fahad, I live in UK was born in 1979 Gujrat Pakistan.
      I know this blog is about Sibal’s family but I would like to give you some background before asking few questions.

      All my childhood I noticed two large buildings in the middle of Town Center Gujrat, Pakistan about 1/4 mile away from my house 1) Women’s Degree College Gujrat 2) Women’s hostel.

      There are many tales associated with these buildings:

      My GrandMother told me that the building belonging to Women Degree College now, used to be Lala Kedaar Naths Haveeli, who was a rich contractor/business man in Dinga(town near to Gujrat City).

      The Hostel building which still famous as “Ram Pyari Mahal” was built by a rich man who also belonged to Dinga for his second or third wife(not clear) Ram Pyari.


      Lala Keedar Nath and Rai Bahadur Sunder Das Chopra are they both the same person ?
      If not who is the true owner of this Haveli?

      Ram Pyari…was she the second wife or third wife of Lala Keedar Nath or Rai Bahadur Sunder Das Chopra?

      If both of these buildings belong to the Sibal family of Dinga, why these buildings were made Miles away from Dinga? If Ram Pyari was the second wife of Rai Bahadur Sunder Das Chopra or Lala Keedar Nath then happened to her after the partition ? where are her siblings are living now ? As the family seems to be very well to do before partition what happened after the partition? I read the http://www.sibal.com/arun.sibal.tree.txt but want to know about Ram- Pyar side of story as well.

      I hope I have not asked too much or hurt anyone?

      It is just because we lived around the area where you cannot ignore these two buildings and stories about Ram-pyari and Rai Bahadur Sunder Das Chopra or Lala Kedar Nath love, and being second wife of rich man, then came partition of India Pakistan families migrated to India left these buildings here in Gujrat made us all very curious to know who was these people.

      Kindest Regards,

      • Hi Fahad,
        Kidar Naath and Sundar Das Chopra are two different persons. Kidar Naath was a wealthy man, a contractor and an honorary magistrate of Gujrat. His one of the sons, Raj Nath, was married to the daughter of Ram-pyari who later migrated to India. Kidar died the earthquake of Quetta in 1935 and his body could not be recovered despite hectic efforts The love tales of Ram-Pyari and Kidar Nath are unrealistic.
        Sundar Das Chopra was from Dingah, who was a trader and a civilian contractor of the british army. His prime business was to provide logistic support to the British. He built his one house in Dingah named as Sundar Mahal, which I had visited two times, whereas he built his second home in Gujrat, that was later converted to a girls` hostel. Ram Pyari was his second wife to whom she married in 1918. The marriage was out of cast; hence it invited severe criticism of the family members of Sundar das, a Khatri, in Dingah. Then, he built the second home in Gujrat.
        I have written a research paper on this family and submitted to the University of Gujrat for its upcoming encyclopaedia.
        I hope this glimpse would be helpful as, here, I cannot sum all the family history.

  10. Hello All

    Thanks to Praveenji, I was introduced to the successful effort of putting the Sibal Tree and the website http://www.sibal.com.

    Unfortunately, I could not access both today. Guess, the website is under repair.

    I am living in New Delhi India and am the youngest son of late Sh. Hazari Lal Sibal. My mother is Smt. Kailash Kumari Sibal and is keeping good health.

    Keep in touch.
    “Sibalaan di shaan wakhree!!!!!”

    • If you are in way related to Rai Bahadur Sundar Das, please respond. My father remembershis previous birth and he was Sundar Das. We have papercuttings from that time as well. Would love to get in touch.


    • Dinesh ji
      Sibal.com was stopped as Sandeep Sibal got busy in his job .I had a print out so added that on and Facebook group called Sibal the community. Please see that.
      Do post any details of any sibal

    • I am also a Sibal from Canada & my father grewup in Dinga. Few years back we received a lot of info from apnadinga.com which was incorporated on sibal.com. Unfortunately this site is down but may get revived in the future !

      • Hi, I’m also from Dinga i studied from a School which was adjacent to Sundardas’s House. this school was alos part of the sundardas’s house or was built by them as school (still unknown). I’d like to know more about these people, my grandfather told me stories about, since, he has seen partition he was 30 when partition occurred.

  11. there’s one sibal indian family living in West Covina, California USA and there is one female indian sibal that is in the army or navy, my friend saw her and mistaked her for me, because we look exactly alike eventhough i am a sibal from the Philippines.

  12. Helo My name is Kamal Kumar from Dham family of Dinda. My mother was daughter of Lala lachman Das Sibal who were at that time the famous Sunars. His son lala Som Nath Sibal was at dehradul after partition and is now no more. Rai Bahadur Sundar Das Chopra was one of the affluent family of Dinda.

    • Dear kamal Dham
      I am a Sibal from Canada. Som Nath Sibal was my grand fathers cousin. His son Vinod Sibal lives in Merut and retired from Sarabhai chemicals. Would you please post your Sibal and Dham family details at a Facebook group
      Sibal the community ?


  13. very good morning to all my name is ahsan warraich i am from kathala chenab 5 k.m away from gujrat .there is a famous garden situated in my village it was the property of kidar nath.so i am also very much keen to know about kidar nath and his family.

    • Rai Bahudhar Kedar Nath Malhotra belonged to Gujarat city, where his Haveli still stands. He died in 1935 in the Quetta earthquake. His one son Ratan Lal lives in Delhi. His eldest son Raj Nath married Sunder Dass’s daughter Kanwal from his second wife, Ram Pyari, whose mahal still stands in Gujarat city. Since, I am the grandson of Sunder Dass from his first wife, Kushalya Devi, we are related to them through Kanwal.

    • Sir,
      I studied as an undergraduate with a son of the late Rai Bahadur Raj Nath. Raj Nath was the oldest son of Kidar Nath. Industrialist in Bombay.Of , as far as I know, 5 sons and 2 daughters of Kidar Nath, one son aged 83, and a daughter who must be slightly older, survive. Both live in Delhi. Though the daughter , who spent a substantial part of her life in Geneva, spends part of the year in that city, with her daughter.

  14. I am D.K.Sibal,ICAS, from Delhi,India.My father name is Late Dev Prakash Sibal & Grand father name is Lala Amarnath Sibal.We also belong to Dinga,Pakistan.I wish to connect with Sibals ALL OVER WORLD whose roots are from Dinga

  15. I do remember my late paternal grand father Lala Lachman Das Sibal talking of Bodhraj Sibal of whom i heard from my mother also used to be talking. As far as I remember I also met Bodh Raj Sibal once but then it is vivid memory. Ram Nath Sibal and ajudhya Nath sibal were cousin brothers of my Mama Som Nath Sibal. Perheps son of Tirath ram Sibal step brother of lachman das Sibal.
    Any way I am from Dham family as my mother from Sibal family married my father Kundan Lal Dham from Dinga. She was studying at Hakam devi Girls high School at Dinga.

    All are requested to contribute.

    I live at Sukhdev Vihar in New Delhi.

    • My great grandfather sheikh sultan also lived in gujrat and was a partner of sundar daas. He was a contractor of the British army as well and he moved to chaman in his later life. If anyone has any details about sheikh sultan could you please share on the platform or with me at salman_tariq06@yahoo.com

      • The website www. Sibal. Com is not existing. Some data about history of Sibals is posted on a facebook group called “Sibal the community”.
        Any one interested can seek approval to see that fascinating story which was put together by a brilliant Sibal from NY , named Sandeep Sibal , now a resident of Banglore.

    • Kamal This is Parveen Sibal in Canada son of late Sh Ram Nath Sibal and nephew of Ajudhya Nath Sibal. Please join Sibal the last name on facebook

    • Join Sibal the community a Facebook group
      This is parveen Sibal. Connect with me on Facebook. Have a lot of history to share

  16. I am really excited after reading above threads, really happy to find that people do remember their routes…. 🙂

  17. I also have a copy of the Baluchistan Gazetteer of 1925, the part in which Rai Bahadur Sunder Dass is written about. Incidentally, he was reported to be assigned the title of Raja in 1920 and his name had been reccomended by the authorities, but he died at Quetta in the same year on 28th October, which is my birth date in 1939.

  18. @Mansoor, would you mind to share your research paper for readers. who really want to know about dinga and its history. I’m really keen to read.

  19. Hello Mr. Sibal,
    My father’s family also belonged to Dinga and I believe lived there for many generations. My grandfather was Shri Kundan Lal Kohli and my father was Shri Bal Krishan Kohli. I am researching our family tree and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    We stay in San Jose, California now

  20. تحقیق و تحریر:۔ندیم اللہ ایڈووکیٹ،گجراتروزنامہ ’’جذبہ ‘‘گجرات مورخہ:11مئی 2016ء

    Posted by ‎Gujrat Heritage‘‘ورثہِ گجرات’’‎ on Wednesday, May 11, 2016

    Ram Piyari Mahal (Gujrat Museum)

  21. Dear Chopra ji, I am an old friend of the sons of the late Rai Bahadur Raj Nath. Would be most obliged if you could share some of your material on Rai Bahadur Sunder Dass and Rai Bahadur K idar Nath. Thank you

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