Kolian Shah Hussain Pictures

I visited Kolian village during my vacation in November 2009. We went to Mian Arif saab’s house, He is my high school teacher and a good friend of my father. I took these pictures beside their houses.


10 thoughts on “Kolian Shah Hussain Pictures

  1. I’m very pleased to hear from all my friends kolian shah hussain as well in dinga.
    if you can up date all photo’s belong to kolian as well dinga , it will be great.

    From Mian Pervez iqbal-Belgium

    Accountant and candidate Expert.

  2. Many thanks for your reply.

    as you know we are leaving far from home and as well from our country but we did not forget our culture and language.
    i can only say you have done great work.
    I can only offer my experiences and knowledge.
    Dear Friend, even i leave far from home and country but my soul and heart always there.

    if you can up date data some time to time every village in our district and thasil it will be graet and then i will tell to all my compatriot and friends.

    thanks for your great job.
    pls give my best regards to all my friend in din-ga as well kolian shah hussain.
    Mian Pervez iqbal
    Accountant and candidate expert

  3. hiii its really nice, and the one who have done it ,,have done a fabulous job… i am pleased too..
    Love kolian too caz its my lovely village, got lotssssss of memories from kolian..
    Thankss to u for showing pictures of my village. God bless u

  4. asslamo alikum welcome to kolian shah hussain.
    Yeh mera gaun hay bohat acha hay.
    Mjy is say bara pyar hay.
    Yahan par har waqt istmal ki ashiah mil jati hain.
    Meray gaun k log appas main baray itfaq say rehtay hain.
    Agr ap ko koi shikayt ho to is numbar par contect kar saktay hain.
    # 0346-7956156

  5. tasveera wich mja hi mja nay kolian wich aur koe cheeez nzr nae aye tawanu koe tay kam di cheez bnda waha sarda a

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