A beautiful Village Kolian Shah Hussain

Kolian villege is very beautiful and people living there are enjoying village atmosphere as well as city because Dinga Market is very near to Kolian. Here is a video of green crops and village look of Kolian.


18 thoughts on “A beautiful Village Kolian Shah Hussain

  1. Oay —— bye k spelling BAY nai hote bye hote hein

    Edited by administrator, Reason ( Please use nice words)

  2. yeaaa thats true kolian is a very nice village and its my village 🙂 love it, even if i am not there my heart is some where there… Cheers everyone 🙂

    • sach me apni mother land ki baat hi kuch or hoti hy but bohut kaam log ye samajhte hain jo banda apna mazi bhoula deta hay wo kabi apna mustaqbil nahi sawar sakta its a really heart touching words which you say

    • amrica k spelling to sai likh leti chachi pata nahi kahan kahan se uth k aa jate hain spelling likhan nahi ande tk rande shode amrica wich ne changge amrica wich rande o pata nahi kera amrica aa sadke jawan tade amrica tu phul war k sata tere america tu

    • pls don’t hate my village because you do not know, i wish to invite you to visit my village and the people as well.
      i would like to tell you that the people of this village are well educated in abroad as well in Pakistan.
      we had even Minister of Punjab in periode of Mr Bhutto.
      Most people are living abroad in uk and Eu,as you can see :

      Expert Accountant and Advisor
      Mian Pervez Iqbal

  3. Kolian shah hussain mera vilage hay. Mjy is say bohat pyar hay main inshaallah apni sari zindagi idhar e guzarun ga

  4. I love my village and I love My Country Pakistan.

    Kolian Shah Hussain is well known in punjab,Pakistan,many people are well educated and belong to the noble family like Mian.
    I would like to say their is many few village in district Gujrat like”Kolian Shah Hussain, But Small and beautiful.
    I my Self belong to Kolian shah Hussain and living abroad more than 30yrs ,there is no like my village as well my country Pakistan,ther is freedom of speech and as well a freedom of living.
    i would like to say and challenge to any one usa and Europe,they very afraid when saw a police and tax officer, they pay the bill and close their mouth,they have nothing to say .
    In Pakistan no one asked you to pay nor show yr id.
    My country is not dirty but there is somefew people those having a some bad habits like every where.
    I love my Village and i love My Country,i’m very proude to be Pakistani.
    Mian Pervez Iqbal
    Expert & Auditor-Accountant/Expert&Auditeur -Comptable

  5. mai india rajasthan se hu…mera naam firoz khan h……kolian mai mera friend rhta tha uska naam adnaan tha but uski death ho gai….mai bahot upset hu mere friend k liye or mai uski family se milna chahta hu…any budy help me in kolian plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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