Newspapers of Dinga


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There are few newspapers that are published from Dinga and only contains news about Dinga and its surroundings. Dinga has huge number of villages in its surrounding and it plays role of center point for all of them. The market in Dinga is developed because of this factor and now it is possible to buy anything from Dinga’s Market. Here are the newspapers that are associated with Dinga. I did not find any of the newspaper has a website, the reason might be they have a very small circulation and they are just a source of earning money with advertisements , not genuine news sources. (However If I am in Dinga I must discuss this issue with Newspaper heads and develope them website for their newspapers.) 🙂

Weekly Newspapers in Dinga

  • Weekly Apna Dehat
  • Weekly Deehat Times
  • Weekly Nai Haiqiq
  • Weekly Times of Dinga
  • Weekly Dinga Post
  • Weekly Muqabil
  • Weekly gohar guzashat

Monthly Newspapers and Magazines

  • Monthly Nawa-e-Mashhood
  • Monthly Mata-e-ilam(For Children)

As per online media is concerned. Situation is not bad, there is a website, a blog, a facebook page and group and a Google mailing group is also there. If I am missing something please let me know in comments below.


27 thoughts on “Newspapers of Dinga

  1. I am from Bhau Ghaseetpur. I have studied in Dinga for 2 years.Dinga is a historical city.Now I am in Greece and remembers Dinga many time in a day.

  2. missing so much my city dinga. this is a best city of world for all the history and things , the people’s r very peacefull nd honest nd jouky hahah

  3. dinga is a great city and we should do some thing to maintain it otherwise …………………………

  4. a girl name sana from dinga03016272529
    aram bag this is her number she is a call girl can you please do some thing for me she is calling to my husband and ask for bad thing she already do same thing to many people in dinga

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