Dinga Railway Station Pictures

Trains are a good source of transportation from Dinga to other cities. This Railwaystation exist from the time of British empire in Sub Continent. The railway station exist between cities of Lala Musa and Mandi baha ud Din. Here are few photos of Railway station and platform. (Shoot by : Usman Ali)


10 thoughts on “Dinga Railway Station Pictures

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  3. My father, Dwarkanath Bhasin was born in Dinga in August 1920, and used to live in Chadian di gali.He studied in Rai Bahadur Sunderdass High School( just near the rail station). Later he matriculated from Sardar Hakim Singh High School, in 1938 ,when the headmaster was Narotam Singh, and owner was Kalyan Singh.He left for East Africa in 1939.He has very nostalgic memories of his childhood .He is 92 years old and would love any pictures of Dinga of that era and contact with any graduants and residents of that era.

    • dear bhasin . My father did his matriculation from Sardar hakim singh high scool. at the moment i am not in a position to give you exact year. but it was somewhere in first half of 20th century. close to when your father was there. i would be obliged if you can get some information about the school and other student who were with your father. my father’s name was walayat khan choudhry who pased away sometime back . thanks. dingwal@gmail.com

  4. Dear ones, We are converted muslims from sikh as my father Hari Charan Singh Khurana was converted to Islam in his early age when he was around 10 years at Peshawar. Actually, my grandfather lived at Village Majhi, Tehsil & Distt; Gujrat whos name was Sardar Hakim Singh Khurana S/O Sardar Ganda Singh Khurana. My grandfather was a famous Dry Fruit Merchant. I just wanted to know, if the said high school at Dinga do have any relation or otherwise with my grandfather? Is there any body to help me to caught the memories?

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