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Dinga is located in West Punjab – the part of Punjab that is today in Pakistan. It is located between the rivers Jhelum and Chenab. The main highway that runs from Lahore to Rawalpindi is about 15 miles northeast of Dinga. Dinga is about 50 to 75 miles from the border that separates Pakistan and India.

The purpose of this blog is to promote Online presence of Dinga and its people. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

Who am I

Yasir Imran Mirza - Me

Yasir Imran Mirza - Me

I am Yasir Imran Mirza from Dinga – Pakistan. My father, Mirza Manzoor Hussain is a famous and respected person in Dinga city, We belong to Mughal family. My father is a Draftsman (Naqsha Navees) and Building consultant. Many of big construction projects in Dinga and reigon around have been developed by him. For a long time he used to work as a meason.

Mirza Manzoor Hussain - My Father

Mirza Manzoor Hussain - My Father

I am Yasir Imran from Pakistan. I am living in Saudi Arabia for my job. I am a Web Designer and Developer. I have interest in current affairs related to Muslim Ummah and my country. I am trying to take part in my country’s development through my articles.

To know more about me, you may visit my blog. Click Here

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20 thoughts on “About

  1. great job done by the web developer.
    Keep it up
    m also from Dinga now working in UNO research organization located in Dubai.
    b in touch,

    • Thank you for appreciation sir. Dinga is not limited on the internet now. There are few websites, Facebook pages, groups, mailing groups and blogs representing Dinga. We’ll appreciate your further feed back and guidance to improve Dinga’s representation on the internet.

  2. salam –

    While searching some pics on Dinga, I came across this site. It was so wonderful and exciting to track my childhood traces on satellite map and those childhood memories still sit in the back of my head…

    I spent like 11 years of my childhood there, then moved to Gujrat, and then moved to USA with my family. My dad is Rt. Major Mirza Nazeer Muhammad. We used to live/own a part of the identical ‘kothi’ opposite of kothi sundar-das. I used to do fishing in canal next to my home (still remember calling it saim :)).
    I studied in Gov. High school for sometimes, still remember climbing the wall (where it was broken) to go to school when in hurry :). I used to go for quran studies in masjid farooqia, think Imam’s name was/is Muhammad Hussain.

    I last visited Dinga in 2004, was on bike and just roamed around to see the childhood traces with mixed emotions. I am a big fond of fishing, so was sad to see the canal dried at that time (not sure if it’s filled back with water). I still do fishing in USA. I live in a town named Bloomington near Chicago. Parents and other brothers are in Chicago. My name is Sajid Mirza, so I am sure I might have some family ties with you, Yasir. Please write me at sajidnmirza@gmail.com if you would like to…. BTW, I still have some far-relatives in there, but don’t get a chance to come over there. I last visited Pakistan in 2006 though wish to visit again soon. insha Allah

    Sajid Mirza

  3. I lived in Dinga from 1942 to 1946 intermittently, as normally I was residing in Lahore with my parents at 19, Golf course road. My grandmother Rani Kushalya devi was the widow of RB Sunder Dass of Sunder Mahal.and I lived there for short spells. In 1947 we emigrated to Delhi. We were sorry to have left our home in Dinga.

  4. Mr. Mirza, i am Mrs. Malhotra from delhi. I wanted to know about dinga since a long time but dont know how to findout. My father was born in a place called chui chapdee in or near dinga. I think this must have been a village. I dont know if this name chui chapdee has been changed now. Please if you could give some info about this place. My father left Pakistan after partition but he missed dinga house till his last breath. My grandfather had a huge house there which my father later went to pakistan to see, but someone else was occupying it at that time. There was a neher nearby also. My grandfathers name was Jeevanmal Malik/Jhangli. I really want to know about this place how it looks now. If someone could post picture of this village and more info. Anyone from our family could visit some day. This name cant be found on map or any villages name list. I believe if some elderly people are still there we may b able to find the exact house also. I wish we could find the address.

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