Dinga City Flood Photos

We already published few photos of Dinga Flood and Visit of Mian Amjad. Now below are more pictures of Dinga City during rainy season and heavy floods. Take a look below.


Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed (Nishan-e-Haider)

Dinga City is proud to be the birth-place of a real Pakistani hero

Major Mohammad Akram Shaheed

Major Mohammad Akram Shaheed

Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed (Nishan-e-Haider), He was born in 14th April 1938 in Dinga City, District of Gujrat – Punjab. He belonged to the famous family of east Punjab called Qazi. He was commissioned in 13th October of 1963 in Frontier Force Regiment.

Major Muhammad Akram and a company of the 4th FF Regiment which he commanded in the forward area of the Hilli district, in East Pakistan in 1971, came under continuous and heavy air, artillery and armor attacks. But for an entire fortnight, despite enemy superiority in both numbers and fire power, he and his men, in near super human ability, repulsed every attack, inflicting heavy causalities on the enemy.

Major Muhammad Akram got Shahadat during this epic battle in 1971.
Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed was awarded the Nishan-e-Haider, Pakistan’s highest military award.

Pakistan Post has released tickets in honor of these great national hero

Pakistan Postal Tickets

Pakistan Postal Tickets



Nishan-e-Haider  نشان حیدر

Translated as “The Mark of Haider, where Haider is the name of Ali and means Lion”

It is the highest military award given by Pakistan. It is posthumously awarded to military personnel for extraordinary courage and valor beyond the call of duty in face of adversity in defense of the motherland.

There are only a very few parallels to the Nishan-e-Haider in other militaries in the world because being killed in the line of duty is a condition-precedent for the award of Nishan-e-Haider.

Its exclusivity may be gauged by the fact that in over 3 major wars and 1 major conflict fought by Pakistan, only 10 Nishan-e-Haider’s (and one equivalent) have been awarded.

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