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I have started this project back in 2000, while discussion with my cousion Shehzad, we started to think on this project and with-in few days we started work on that. That time I have started my Graduation Degree of Computer Sciences, Finally we have made it. That time me and my cousins aren’t that much familier with internet communication or the power of media, so after the launch of Dinga’s static Telephone directory we stopped for a long time, We had a response too, a lot of people were visiting and giving suggestions about our project. However, I always tried to maintened and update this project.

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In 2004, I got to got to come to Saudi Arabia for my job, Then I have a very short time after office work to work on this project, Now it is again in front of you, still I need help to update the Directory numbers, I will greatly appriciate if anybody help me in this project. If you feel you can help me then please contact me.

Yasir Imran Mirza