Dinga Pictures


Boys Degree College Dinga Pictures

Here are some pictures of Boys Degree College Dinga , courtsey : meradinga.com

Govt. Higher Secondary School Dinga Pictures

This is my school, where I studied for 6 years. When I was there, college and school were at same location, from 6th to 10th I studied in Govt. Higher Secondary School from very nice teachers like Muhammed Akram from Sivya, Mian Arif saheb from Kolian Shah Hussain, Mumtaz saheb from Dinga, Mohammed Aslam saheb from Dinga.

These are very nice people who are always sincere with students and their jobs.
Unfortunately I don’t have their pictures, otherwise I must share them.

courtsey : meradinga.com

Markazi Jamea Masjid Eidgah Dinga

This is the Markazi Jamea Masjid Eidgah Dinga(Main Mosque), Eid Prayer is arranged here every year, also this is the biggest mosque in the city.courtsey : meradinga.com

Horse Riding festival in Dinga

Here are the few pictures of Horse riding festival in Dinga
Courtsey: meraPakistan.com

Old Buildings in Dinga

An Old Building in Dinga City

An Old Building in Dinga City

Old Buildings in the Dinga city, It has been said that these buildings belong to famous rich hindu person, Mr. Sundar Daas. At the time of partition he left this place to India.